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We have officially received fiscal sponsorship for our short film trilogy from the Utah Film Center. This means that your donations can be tax deductible! - please click         to learn more about how to donate if you want tax deductible status 

Can't wait to donate or don't care about tax deductions here is how you can help right away!

To get us to the next stage of our filmmaking careers we need your HELP! All donations are greatly appreciated. There are currently three ways you can help support Castor and Pollux online. Before donating check out all the COSTS that go into making a film 

1. Donate via paypal @ or 801-865-1438

when prompted select "sending to a friend"

2. Donate via venmo @ 801-865-1438

3. Donate via check by sending a physical check written to Lucy Nebeker at 1307 3rd Avenue SLC, Ut 84103 



For more questions and help please call 801-865-1438 or email

We suggest that you pledge between $100 - $1000

If you are interested in having further involvement or receiving a producer credit please email


~ Thank You 

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