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Costs That Go Into  Making a Film

There is a lot that goes into making a professional grade film. To give you an idea of the undertaking and what it costs here are the general parts that are required to make and distribute a film. 


The actors normally get paid a minimum of 200 dollars a day for principal cast members, but the bigger the actor the higher their day rate.


Film making is fundamentally a communal effort. There are a lot of moving parts in production and because of this there are many members of a film crew that are necessary for a successful shoot. There are eight basic departments, which crew members fall under, Camera, Sound, Lighting, Make up and Costume, Directing, Production, Set Design and Craft Services. A skeleton crew requires two to three members under each department and payment for crew members starts at 200 dollars a day. 


After the film is shot a film editor is required to sort through the film footage and cut the film together. Other editing crew members include: a film music composer , a sound mixer and a colorist.  These crew members are normally paid a flat rate of upwards of 500 dollars. 


Good camera and lighting equipment is very expensive. Renting a minimum camera and lighting package for two filming days costs around 2,500 to 3,000 dollars. 


Prop rentals, costume and set dressing is extremely variable between films but at the very least 300 - 400 dollars go into gathering all the items necessary. 


Other costs that go into making a film include: film insurance, between 400 - 800 dollars, supplying food, lodging and transportation for cast and crew and paying festival submission fees, between 50 - 100 dollars. 


By adding up these costs it's easy to see that filmmaking is a pricey enterprise. Even though we cut a lot of corners, the average cost of our short films end up being around 10 grand  (and that is operating on a micro-budget!).  That is why we need YOUR help to continue making beautiful, impactful films in and about the Rocky Mountain Region. Along with our fundraising effort we have also applied to a variety of grants and film initiatives to secure funding. 

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