A farmer shoots her husband's wing off as he ascends to heaven in the form of an angel.

An Angler, obsessed with making the perfect fly, finds himself hooked on the line.  

A lone traveller bears a strange and morbid curse.

In March 2019 we set out to produce a trilogy of short films to build the foundations of a genre we call Rocky Mountain Mythology.


This genre explores our regional identity by creating a local mythology inspired by the geography and culture of the Rockies. We believe that myths reveal the spirit of communities and offer relatable ideas through the use of strong symbolism and metaphor.


In creating the Rocky Mountain Mythology, we want to contribute to a new filmic identity in a state that is undergoing rapid growth.


We were able to complete this trilogy through local donations, the Utah Film Comission's NEXT LEVEL grant, and the Utah Film Center's fiscal sponsorship program.