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The Nebeker Twins


Maxim and Lucy Nebeker are twin filmmakers from Salt Lake
City, Utah. They were raised in a culture of storytelling
and tradition as members of the Mormon religion where
history and myth often blend. As children, they spent
many hours in the mountains, fields, and forests of the
Rocky Mountains exploring, filming, and telling stories
of their own. They left the church together then left for
college spending a few years apart until they re-joined

to create their production studio Castor & Pollux and
began making films professionally. Their love for the
region, its culture, and landscape has held throughout
their lives and so has their belief that myth can capture
the essence of a place and people. In the last 3 years
they have developed a series of long form projects and
created a trilogy of shorts as well as integrated
themselves into the local filmmaking community where they
seek to be a part of a new wave of Western filmmaking.

Max Nebeker

Lucy Nebeker

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